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Reservation required for any rides?

NO. Tickets will be given out on a first come, first served basis. We have enough Kayaks and Boats for daily demand so, generally reservations are not needed.

Boat Exchange with other person Allowed?

Not allowed because tokens are one Time Use only.

Private Water sports equipment’s allowed in Al Ras Kayak?

It is not allowed to use any private water sports equipment at Al Ras Kayak.

Is Reservation is required for big Group?

YES, Any group over 45 persons needs a reservation to make things are easier.

Lockers Available?

Locker facilities are not available due to Covid-19 Protocol. We always suggest keeping your valuable items in your car. Al Ras Kayak is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Is it allowed to get out from the boat after started ride?

Not allowed because of the Safety Issues

Infants allowed for any rides?

For safety reason, infants below 2years are not allowed on any ride.

Swimming, Hunting / Killing Wildlife, Fishing, Littering, Picking Honey allowed?

Not allowed.

Any age limit for riding Sigle Kayak?

Children below 16 years old are not allowed to ride single Kayaks. They can ride Double kayak with the person above 16 years of age.

Parking Available?

Parking available in Al Naeem Mall for our customers. Common parking area available near the Al Naeem Shopping mall.

Do you follow Covid-19 safety Protocol?

Yes. Our all boats and equipment’s will be sanitized after each usage, our premises will be Kept clean.
We are providing Hand sanitizer to all the person who is acquiring our services.

Facemask and 2Meter Social distance is mandatory requirement in the premises.

The body Temperature will be checked in the premises.

If anyone is not complying with the Covid-19 Protocol shall be removed from the premises with immediate effect.